A regional, hometown engineering firm makes a big impact on the Bryan County community. This year, Bryan County News readers voted M.E. Sack Engineering as Best Engineering Firm for “Bryan’s Favorites” awards! There’s no question asked, they are “more of everything engineering.” It’s in their company motto… and it’s what makes them stand out across our region. But what does that mean? To President and CEO, Marcus Sack, it means “the ability to deliver projects that impact our daily lives in a positive manner, whether it be access to clean water, better roads, or a quality place to live.” Marcus took over operations of the firm in 2019 and rebranded the company. Today, M.E. Sack Engineering handles all sorts of development projects in our community and beyond, from residential developments, apartments and even recognizable commercial developments. They also have an environmental department that manages water and sewer system design, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and roadways. M.E. Sack Engineering even includes municipal consulting engineers. Growth is inevitable for us and it’s the topic of conversation for everyone in Bryan County, and M.E. Sack Engineering is proud to assist in delivering growth in a sensitive and responsible manner. Serving their friends, family and neighbors in all that they do.

M.E. Sack Engineering pours their heart into not only their work, but also into the communities they serve. They sponsor community events in Bryan County (like Shell Out for a Cure, the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival and the annual Honor Mark race for Mark Edward Hummeldorf), they foster leaders and support Leadership Bryan County, they serve on boards that help make an impact on the future of Bryan County, and their team works tirelessly to secure necessary grants for community development projects… such as the recent $915,000 grant secured for the City of Pembroke.

No matter how you interpret their slogan, “more of everything engineering”, the meaning certainly refers to how much more they pour into the projects they are a part of, the communities they serve and who they impact each and every day! Which is why they have been voted Best Engineering Firm in this year’s “Bryan’s Favorites” awards. The team at M.E. Sack Engineering is so appreciative of your support, and thanks all of Bryan County for embracing their “more.”